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I am graduate, British Citizen, divorced & looking educated bride from Pakistan or Abroad.

Proposal ID: 10289795 | 8 hours ago
Age: 47 Years Height: 5 Feet 10 Inch
Gender: Male Location: Rawalpindi
Qualification: Graduation Cast: Sheikh
Occupation: Manager STATUS: Verification in process

Marital Status: Divorced

My brother is CA, working as a Senior Chartered Accountant, British Citizen, unmarried & we are looking educated bride for him.

Proposal ID: 10289635 | 13 hours ago
Age: 38 Years Height: 5 Feet 10 Inch
Gender: Male Location: Lahore
Qualification: Masters Cast: Gujjar
Occupation: Senior Chartered Accountant STATUS: Verification in process

Marital Status: Single

My daughter is looking for a Government employe or just employee and belong to a discipline family

Proposal ID: 00275515 | 14 hours ago
Age: 25 Years Height: 5 Feet 00 Inch
Gender: Female Location: Islamabad
Qualification: Graduation Cast: chudhry
Occupation: Employee STATUS: Verification in process

Marital Status: Single

My daughter is Pharm D, good looking and we are looking for engineer, doctor or army officer proposal

Proposal ID: 2289615 | 16 hours ago
Age: 29 Years Height: 5 Feet 2 Inch
Gender: Female Location: Lahore
Qualification: Masters Cast: Sheikh
Occupation: Pharmacist ( Shaukat Khanum hosp.) STATUS: Verification in process

Marital Status: Single

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